Our Mission

"Changing the way college students make money."

College Copywriters is an online marketplace where student writers can connect with webmasters, web publishers, and web developers to produce high quality content at a low price. The site was the brainchild of Brian Diener and Chris Smiles - two college students themselves - who worked in web development and realized it's almost impossible to purchase well-written content online. With Google's algorithms getting more and more sophisticated, quality content has never been so important for search engine rankings, and yet other content providers have failed to meet the rising demand.

At school, Brian and Chris realized that the answer was right under their noses. Many college students struggle to hold down part-time jobs, unaware that the Internet could solve their problems entirely. As members of the College Copywriters network, student writers can finally put their skills to use in a way that's fulfilling yet flexible. By leveraging this highly motivated and incredibly talented workforce, the College Copywriters network offers its clients access to some of today's best web content, while also providing students with some well-deserved cash.

Whether you're a college student, a web publisher, or a potential investor, we encourage you to explore our site and see what it has to offer. We're confident you'll be pleased with what you find. Now a part of Harvard Student Agencies (having been acquired in August 2015), we have very ambitious goals for College Copywriters, and we believe that those who use our service will quickly see why we're so excited for the future.

About Harvard Student Agencies

Harvard Student Agencies, Inc. (HSA) is the largest student-run company in the world, employing more than 500 undergraduates annually. Founded in 1957, HSA is a multi-million dollar non-profit that provides Harvard students with meaningful opportunities for employment and hands-on business education. Student managers lead all aspects of the operations and strategy behind HSA's 15 businesses (including College Copywriters!), which range from publishing to tutoring to bartending, including Let's Go (the leader in student travel), HSA Cleaners (a laundry and dry-cleaning service), and The Harvard Shop (a storefront and web retail business). Click here to learn more about the team over at HSA.

About the Founders

Brian Diener

Recognized by Go Daddy as one of the nation's top student entrepreneurs, Brian's blog has chronicled his experience with SEO and web development since 2009. A former member of Emory University's Varsity Cross Country team, Brian now works full-time at a digital strategy firm in Atlanta, and enjoys running and hiking in his free time.

Chris Smiles

While studying computer science at Harvard, Chris built the College Copywriters platform himself. After working at a web technology startup with Brian, Chris became fascinated with the prospect of empowering college students to employ their skills online, and has continued to work on technology-related startups since graduation.